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Why Many Dentists Are Going Into Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the leading specialties in dentistry is cosmetic procedures. Most young graduates from dental schools are attracted to the field of cosmetic dentistry when considering specialties to focus on. All this, of course, begs the question to the critical thinker,

“Why are so many dentists going into cosmetic dentistry?”

You don’t have to look very far for answers to that question.

Top Reasons Why So Many Dentists Are Going Into Cosmetic Dentistry

First, in the cosmetic field, there is a lot of money to be made.  The economic argument for cosmetic dentistry being the field to go into is that people’s self image has become something of a commodity. This contributes to the great demand or services that are cosmetic in nature. From the economics point of view, if the services for a specific specialist rise, it corresponds with the rise in their pay rates. When the margins fail to increase, there’s always an opportunity to compensate in volume of treatment provided. The volume of treatment in demand is in no shortage though because there are tons of people who are looking for services provided by a cosmetic dentist.

Secondly, cosmetic dentistry is a field which provides you with the opportunity to use your creativity.  If you are somewhat of an artist practitioner inclined to practice your craft by transforming people’s smiles and self-confident, then cosmetic dentistry is right up your alley. Its imperative for the aspiring dentist that they be certain about focusing on a scientific career or an artistic career.

Third, cosmetic dentistry is one of the fields in medicine where you get an opportunity to impact the lives of your patients. Since our society is extremely conscious about people’s image, thus a person’s look determines his happiness. A cosmetic dentist can assist in restoring people’s happiness. If you as a dental practitioner thrives through restoring people’s smile will have the chance to do it here under cosmetic dentistry. This makes cosmetic dentistry popularity among most dental practitioners whose main target is to impact people’s lives, especially where the result is immediate.


Three Indispensable Qualities You Must Have

If you are a student at a dental school, and you are seriously considering going into cosmetic dentistry as a specialization, you could find yourself wondering as to what exactly you will need – in terms of personal qualities.

As it turns out, there are three qualities that you will find indispensable, if you have to go into cosmetic dentistry:

  1. good people skills
  2. aesthetic appreciation
  3. empathy

We will explore each at length.

People skills:

You really have to connect with your patients here. Most of the cases you encounter will not just be cases that require your technical/surgical expertise as a dentist, but also cases that require a bit of counseling to resolve. A considerable number of the patients you meet on any given day will be people faced with what turned out to be self-image issues, rather than dental issues per se. you need to employ your people skills and reassure them that it is alright. This is especially important if you’re a Las Vegas cosmetic dentist, as the volume of patients seeking your services in a city such as Vegas is very high.

Strong appreciation for aesthetics:

This is another thing that you really must have, as you go into cosmetic dentistry. Without this, you will never be able to understand what it is that your patients expect from you, and you will most likely end up a professional failure.


It is empathy that will allow you to see things from the viewpoint of your patients (rather than from the view of the surgeon you are). Some problems that the patients will be coming to you with, while seemingly small, and unworthy of professional attention, will turn out to be very troublesome issues in the lives of your patients. Without empathy (the ability to put oneself in other people’s shoes), it becomes extremely difficult to survive in a field like cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Marc McRae of Willow Springs Dental in Las Vegas has been recognized as one of the more empathetic dentists. You can confirm this by simply reading their reviews online.




As a cosmetic dentist, you will not only be serving as a surgeon, but also a beautician.  Some of your patients with genuine dental problems will also tend to feel as if they are being vain by seeking the help of a cosmetic dentist. You should know that you must have good people skills, as these often turn out to be just as important as your technical skills in dealing with your patients.